Ramble On – 7993km through the outback

I once believed that the road held all the answers…

In December 2015, I decided to ride through the Aussie Outback on my Yamaha XJR1300 to raise funds for UNICEF. I wanted the holidays to mean something more and needed some time to be with my thoughts and questions. Being on my bike always allowed me to do that, so off I went.

The trip took 19 days in total – riding through 17 cities, 3 states and 1 territory. I faced everything from pouring rain to scorching heat, friendly faces in odd places and unending roads that eventually led me home.

I once believed that the road held all the answers but I didn’t return from the journey with some grand epiphany. I was lucky enough however, to witness these views, not get punched in the face by a kangaroo, bring home these memories and a whole new perspective.

The map above outlines the road I took. If you’d like to see more of it, click here.

Throughout the journey, I was lucky enough to witness spectacular sights and bring them home with me. Through these images, the Ramble On story was told. Each piece captures the one-of-a-kind Outback view and memories its left me with.


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Made in Brazil, living in Australia. I am a graphic designer and a photographer. Lover of music, arts, nature and motorbikes.