Museum of Old and New Art or The One with the Poop Machine

The MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is often also known as the Museum of Sex and Death, which pretty much sums up our entire existence and the museum itself.

It’s a little difficult to write about without spoiling it for you.

Let’s just say it was only the best museum ever! Shall we leave it at that?

Anyway, when we visited, we were lucky enough that they had their latest exhibition on. The exhibition, On the Origin of Art, explores the question of “Why do we need art?”.

Curated by four bio-cultural scientist-philosophers – Steven Pinker, Geoffrey Miller, Brian Boyd and Mark Changizi – the exhibition dwells on question of why we make and consume art, how does it matter to us as humans, and it is one that everyone needs to see.

The rest of the museum is just as intriguing and a bit of a mind fuck, to be honest. I mean, it has a poop machine!

But from the minute you drive through the gates, you’ll see that MONA is an art piece in itself. Beautifully built, boldly quirky and occasionally offensive – I feel like is a best friend in the form of a building.

If you’re ever in Hobart, put this on your list and yes, see the poop machine. It poops at two in the afternoon. You’re welcome.

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