We first met this down-to-earth, big-bearded artist at Newtown Festival. We’ve always seen his work making its way across the city and decided to stop for a chat. Since then we’ve joined Joel on walkabouts, photographed his work at Edelman Sydney and grown to love his work and the no-nonsense person behind it.

Here's 5 Minutes with Mulga

A penguin walks in with a sombrero. What is its name and what is it doing here?

His name is Paulo the Penguin and he was born in Antarctica but migrated to Mexico because he loves tacos so much. He eats them at least 4 times a week.

Where is your happy place?

I love going for a surf and being one with the ocean.

Who would play you in a movie?

There is an actor called Joel David Moore and he shares the exact same name as me (even the middle name) so that would be funny.

You’ve done amazing work for Slurpee and Coke! How does it feel to come this far?

It feels very great, I have been very blessed with some great opportunities in recent times. Hopefully, this is just the start.

Which of your work are you most proud of? Which piece is a crowd favourite?

Having my art on the Kings Cross Coca Cola billboard was a career highlight. Probably my most popular artwork is Eden the Enigmatic Elephant. I named him after my little brother Eden.

Joel was joined by fellow artist Kirst Gilbertson at Edelman and the duo could not have been a better paint-pair.

For more of Mulga, visit his website at: mulgatheartist.com.au

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