Mount Wellington: Blown Away, Quite Literally

It’s three fucking degrees!

Up on Mount Wellington on the windiest of days, we ran towards the car  and slammed the doors shut.

How did we get here? Well, here’s the story:

Without knowing what the weather would be like (hey, it’s Aust, so no one knows what the weather will be like anyway), we headed to Mount Wellington. The drive up was gorgeous but we didn’t know what was about to hit us.

Upon reaching the top, we were taken over by the view, so much that it took us awhile to register that the winds were so strong, they shook the car even with the weight of us in it.

Should we get out of the car?
Will it still be here when we come back?

What’s the worst that could happen, hey?

Aside from having your rental car being blown away by strong winds, being left stranded out in the cold on top of a mount where no one else seemed to be, slowly freezing to death.

We shrugged and got out of the car only to discover that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. The winds were so strong, it pulled you back while you attempted to move forward.

Here’s the funny bit: Mark, being the adventurous soul, decided to climb over some rocks and head over to the other side of where we were parked. While I, facing this for the very first time just stood there, literally, freezing my face off. Soon I realised I couldn’t just stand there and let the wind blow at me! So I hid behind a rock.

I repeat, I hid behind a rock. And it wasn’t even a large one. Clever.

It did nothing for me to be honest. I just sat there, nervously laughing, assuming the worst had happened to Mark and will soon happen to me. And I just stayed there behind the rock. Brilliant.

After what seemed like forever, Mark returned and we ran back to the car where Mark showed me this beautiful shot he captured:

A couple of days later, we decided to drive up again and this time, though still cold, it was a little more bearable than the last time. That meant one thing for Mark – more shots – and he got them:

If you’re not one for freezing your face off in the cold while attempting to take some gorgeous shots, there is an observation deck where you can enjoy the view while being sheltered but it can get crowded sometimes. Still, don’t let the tourists and their selfie sticks distract you from this amazing view.

On a quiet day, I have to say, it’s the perfect place to drown out the voices of the world and those in your head.

Mount Wellington,
Pinnacle Rd, Wellington Park
TAS 7054
More details here on their website.

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