Where to Find the Best Whiskey in Australia

Dimly lit, comfy leather couches and a shelf lined with what was a whiskey aficionado’s dream come true.

We seat ourselves in a quiet corner and sink into our chairs. Meg of Lark Distillery (pictured below) comes over for a chat and introduces us to a whiskey sampling.

The trio included the Single Malt Classic Cask 43% ABV, a flagship product of the Lark Distillery. It is lightly peated, double distilled and aged in small, 100-litre oak casks. The other two beauties were the Lark Single Malt Whisky Cask Strength 58% and Slainte Whisky Liqueur.

The former is smooth with a sensational rich Tasmania malt bursting across the palate with hints of maple syrup meeting sweet notes of highland peat while Slainte (pronounced ‘Slon-Jay’) is a marriage of mature Lark Single Malt Whisky with a mix of herbs and spices to give it the right complexity of character – spicy, sweet with a delightful malt overtone.

The flavours were a contrast to our setting – bright and bold, the warmth of the whiskey goes straight to the soul and wins you over in an instant. Contentment washes over Mark as he sips and savours his drink while we chat with Meg.

She tells us about Lark Distillery and its history:

Established in 1992, 150 years after the last licensed Tasmanian distillery closed its doors, owner, Bill Lark, brought whiskey production back to Tasmania. Bill wondered why no one was making single malt whiskies when Tasmania was rich with vast barley fields, pure soft water, highland peat bogs and had the ideal climate to produce world-class whiskey.

So he made it happen. Good man. Lark Distillery has since been producing high-quality, premium spirits using time-honoured methods and their whiskeys speak for themselves.

It isn’t just the whiskey that’s spectacular about this place but its people too. The team (from left: Zack, Siobhan, Jarrod & Meg) reflected the world-class whiskies – bright, bold and full of character – and made our stop at Lark Distillery a whole lot more memorable.


Lark Distillery

14 Davey St

Hobart TAS 7000

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