The Greatest View: Cape Raoul

If you’re wondering if the view is worth it, the answer is “yes.”

This is coming from someone who only made it not too far pass the Cape Raoul lookout before deciding “nope, this isn’t for me.”

If you ask Mark, he might recall all of this differently but perspective is subjective, there are two sides to everything plus, I have better memory so we’ll stick with my story.

Point is, I take long walks but only in my mind and Mark is a fan of the great bush. I mean, great bush walks.

Still, despite my whining and tiny bit of crying, the walk was enjoyable and I’ll…never do it again. Mark would, and maybe when I’m ready, I should too but if you’re already thinking about it or if you’re actually  someone who likes nature, then are some pictures to convince you that the journey is worth the view.

Good to know: The trek goes on for 14 km, approximately 5 hours return. Humongous trees, stunning views, Level 4 walkers and a camping spot at the very beginning of the track on Stormlea Rd. The campsite offers sauna and jams. We do not recommend enjoying both simultaneously but to each his own.

More info here.

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